February 2022.

When I draft documents, I’m always trying to anticipate who might object and what they might object to. Then we draft around the anticipated objection.

When we’re drafting a will, the rules are fairly clear and part of the public record – laws and statutes. When we’re drafting trusts or powers of attorney, though, we’re not just dealing with the law; we’re also dealing with corporate policies and personalities, and both of these are less clear and subject to change without notice.

This leads to a kind of over-caution, always worrying about “things that might go bump in the night,” and wondering how to protect against them. This in turn leads to very long documents, as we try to ward off possible problems that might never be YOUR problem, but if they emerge could unravel your carefully laid plans. So, while sometimes “less is more,” with powers of attorney and trusts, “more is more, better, and safer.”

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