Elder Law

The legal and wealth management needs of today’s senior population demand increasing study and emphasis. We have extensive experience in matters relating to Medicaid qualification, long-term care planning, estate planning, and disability issues.

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Additional information:

To apply for Medicaid, you must provide the following documentation to your attorney and/or the Department of Social Services, as applicable.

Proof of Income
Paystubs (past year)
Tax Returns (federal and state for the past 3 years)
Unemployment Benefits
Union/Strike Benefits
Child Support/Alimony
Social Security Benefits
SSI/SSDI Benefits
Veteran’s Benefits
Pension Benefits
Loans/Credit Lines/Credit Cards
Military Allotments
Payments from Others for Expenses*
Contributions Received*
From Roomers or Boarders*
Rental/Mortgage Income
Self Employment Records
Workman’s Compensation

Proof of Identity
Social Security Card
Birth or Baptismal Certificates
Driver’s License/State ID Card
Alien Registration
Marriage License/Divorce Decree
Medicare Card

Proof of Assets
Bank Account Statements (past 3 years)
CDs – Certificate & statement
IRAs, Keoghs – statement
Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds
Dividends, Interest Received
Life and Health Insurance policies and statements
Car/Vehicle Loans
Auto Titles & Values (NADA)
Assets Transferred (past 3 years; past 5 years if transferred to a trust)
Deed to Real Property; Tax assessment or appraisal

Proof of Expenses
Utilities bills
Rent/Mortgage Receipts for payment
Amount of Shared Expenses
(i.e. with a child, friend or sibling)*
Child or Adult Dependent Care expenses*
Property Taxes & Homeowner’s Insurance
Medical Bills

Other Proofs
Application for Other Benefits
Proof of who lives with you and how long they have lived with you
Type of Housing if subsidized

Other Items to Bring to Attorney
Powers of Attorney/Advance Directives/Living Wills

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