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Estate planning is about being a faithful steward of your assets, now and later. It’s about taking your responsibilities seriously, and doing whatever you can — NOW — to make sure you are fulfilling your obligations faithfully.  At the Tim Barkley Law Offices, we are ready to serve you!

Your first responsibility in planning your estate is to yourself and your spouse, if you have one, to see to it that you are provided for. This means using powers of attorney and living trusts; life and long-term care insurance; annuities and IRAs; and other means to be sure that your needs are met. Estate planning is not just for “then,” whenever that might be. It’s for NOW.

Even the planning that’s for “then” — your plans to avoid taxes; your measures to keep your estate in the family; your options in distribution of family assets, whether farm or otherwise; and your other choices — must be done NOW.

If you expect your estate to be an asset for the next generation, you must plan today.


Estate planning is about you, your family, and your estate. It’s about doing whatever you can to be sure that your estate — everything you own and control — is used for the benefit of those you love. And estate planning is about life, not death. Estate planning is the way you can live on, in and through your family, your estate, your hopes and plans and dreams. You can live on, but only if you plan. NOW!

For examples of estate plans in action, see the pdf documents below:

  1. Powers of Attorney
  2. Probate Avoidance
  3. Second Marriage
  4. Moderate Estate
  5. Taxwise Planning
  6. Maximized Planning and Maximized Planning Diagram

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